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Chinese Traditional Painting Pigment, Gold And Silver Powder, Mineral Pearlescent Watercolor Paint, Solid Packaging.


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Oil Paints

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Pearlescent watercolor pigments

Production process: Solid color blocks are made by filling multiple times in a liquid state and baking at a constant temperature of over 4 degrees

Product appearance: The appearance is neat and generous, with some slight dents and cracks that do not affect use. The small square capacity is 1ML (15CM * 1.9CM * 0.5CM)

The method of use only requires dipping a small amount of water on the water pen, and then rubbing it on the color block a few times, and it can be used directly. The coloring effect is good, especially simple

Storage method: Color blocks can be stored for a long time and can be used normally after a few years, with a long shelf life

Product Usage: This solid watercolor has a wide range of applications, including watercolor painting, writing, DIY, and nail makeup

Sealing bag packaging

Application of Pearlescent Pigments

Watercolor Painting – Ancient Style Illustration

Pen Calligraphy

Traditional Chinese Fine Brushwork Painting – Tangka

Tangled flower halo dyeing

Nail Painting Exercise

Clay coloring

1ML watercolor color block color card

Concentrated pigment

Durable and durable, the pigment is compressed through a special process, with small volume and large capacity

Fountain pen

The tap water pen is filled with water on the pen body, solving the tedious process of repeatedly dipping in water. With each stroke, the pen head will be replenished with water, making the dizziness process easy and enjoyable

The pigment coverage is very good, which can be applied thinly for halo dyeing or thick for covering

Usage method

1. Put some clean water on the paint and let it absorb water and soften. Then use a paintbrush to dip in the paint

2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the color palette and mix evenly

3. Thick coating has good coverage and can also be used for large-scale color spreading and dyeing

Exhibition of works

Watercolor coloring effect

The Use of Pearlescent Pigments

Nail enhancement and dyeing, making entangled flowers, traditional Chinese painting, Thangka watercolor, gouache and other paintings, more uses waiting for friends to unlock

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